Portworx Authorization with DC/OS

This document presents the DC/OS method of enabling authorization for your Portworx cluster. Please refer to the Authorization page if you are running Portworx on Kubernetes.

Once your Portworx Cluster has been setup as auth-enabled, there are a few steps you must take to integrate DC/OS with your auth-protected cluster.

Authorization with your Portworx Cluster

There are two ways you can authenticate with your cluster now that it is auth-enabled:

  • Pass JWT token as a DC/OS Secret
  • Pass raw JWT auth token in volume parameters/options

This is the recommended method for authenticating with your auth-enabled Portworx Cluster. You must pass the token_secret parameter/option during volume operations. Found below is an example of how you can create a DC/OS secret and reference it with docker volume create. The same token_secret parameter can be used with other DC/OS and docker volume commands.

First, you need to create a DC/OS secret for your auth token(s)

dcos security secrets create --value=<auth-token> pwx/secrets/user1-token

Next, pass the secret name in as a parameter or option during volume creation or other operations. This is the same as passing any other parameter or option during Portworx volume creation through DC/OS.

docker volume create -d pxd --name token_secret=pwx/secrets/user1-token,repl=3,name=myvol1

Raw JWT token

Similar to other Portworx volume options, you must pass token as an inline parameter:

docker volume create -d pxd --name token=<jwt-auth-token>,repl=3,name=myvol2

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