Switch to pay-as-you-go billing on an existing Kubernetes cluster

If you have already set up your cluster using any of the paid or free Portworx licenses, you can switch to pay-as-you-go billing by acquiring a pay-as-you-go account key from the Pure Storage support team and performing the following steps.

NOTE: For enabling pay-as-you-go billing on your air-gapped cluster, refer to this page.


  • A pay-as-you-go account key, acquired by contacting the Pure Storage support team.

Enable pay-as-you-go billing

  1. Create a Kubernetes secret and place your pay-as-you-go account key into it:

    kubectl create secret generic px-saas-key --from-literal=account-key=<PAY-AS-YOU-GO-KEY> -n kube-system
  2. Patch the pay-as-you-go secret into your cluster. Follow the steps appropriate for your cluster’s install method:

    • Operator-based installations:

      1. Add the following spec to your StorageCluster object:

        - name: "SAAS_ACCOUNT_KEY_STRING"
              name: px-saas-key
              key: account-key
      2. Patch the stc with:

        stc=$(kubectl get stc -n portworx -o jsonpath='{.items[0].metadata.name}')
      3. Patch the stc using the secret you created in step 1:

        kubectl  patch stc $stc  --type='json' -p='[{"op": "add", "path": "/spec/env/0","value": {"name": "SAAS_ACCOUNT_KEY_STRING", "valueFrom":{"secretKeyRef":{"key": "account-key", "name": "px-saas-key"}}}}]' -n kube-system
    • Daemonset-based installations:

      Patch the daemonset using the secret you created in step 1:

      kubectl patch ds portworx --type='json' -p='[{"op": "add", "path": "/spec/template/spec/containers/0/env/0","value": {"name": "SAAS_ACCOUNT_KEY_STRING", "valueFrom":{"secretKeyRef":{"key": "account-key", "name": "px-saas-key"}}}}]' -n kube-system
NOTE: If you change the value of your pay-as-you-go key secret in the future, you must perform a rolling update of your Portworx pods to propagate the change.

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