Run Portworx with Kubernetes on Mesosphere DC/OS

Kubernetes on DC/OS with Portworx is only supported from Portworx version 1.4 onwards

Please make sure you have installed Portworx on DC/OS before proceeding further.

The latest framework starts Portworx with scheduler set to mesos (-x mesos option) to allow Portworx to mount volumes for Kubernetes pods. If you are using an older version of the framework please update /etc/pwx/config.json to set scheduler to mesos.

Install dependencies

When using Kubernetes on DC/OS you will be able to use Portworx from your DC/OS cluster. You only need to create a Kubernetes Service and proxy pods for Portworx to allow the in-tree Kubernetes volume plugin to dynamically create and use Portworx volumes. This will also install Stork.

You can create the Service by running the following command:

version=$(kubectl version --short | awk -Fv '/Server Version: / {print $3}')
kubectl apply -f "${version}&dcos=true&stork=true"

Provisioning volumes

After the above spec has been applied, you can create volumes and snapshots using Kubernetes. Please use the following guides:

Last edited: Friday, Oct 28, 2022